You need a powerful system for your client intakes that will help you understand your client’s needs and book more appointments with greater clarity and confidence.

The Perfect Intake
The Perfect Intake

Are you confident that you know what to do when you receive a new client?


Working with a new client can be quite intimidating when you don’t have the right framework or tools to get the right information during your intake process.


Failing to gather the right information from the start can lead to errors, confusion, frustration, and worst of all, a client that is not getting the service and results that they are expecting.


Learn The Perfect Intake™ process and BUILD YOUR CONFIDENCE.

We help Holistic Health Professionals SPRINT even before getting to the starting line.



Gather vital and detailed information that you'll need to understand each of your potential client's needs.



Communicate with your potential client and offer them your expertise, guidance, and your program offer.



Turn your prospective clients into paying clients who trust and follow you along their path to wellness.

Who will be your EXPERIENCED guides at The Perfect Intake™?

Brett and Daniel have a combined experience of over 40-years of knowledge, experience, as well as all the cuts, bruises and scrapes that come along with individual and multi-practitioner practices.

Brett Hawes

Brett Hawes, CFMP, CNP


Brett is a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner and Clinical Holistic Nutritionist with 17 years of clinical experience. He runs an online clinic with a primary focus on chronic and complex digestive issues, hormone health and autoimmune disease.


He has held a faculty position at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition for 14 years, where he now works as a Student Clinic Advisor, and has mentored close to 300 clinicians across North America. 


His flagship program, "Digestive Health Practitioner Masterclass" has helped over 150 practitioners master gut health in their clinical practices.

Brett Hawes

Daniel Chiang


Daniel is an entrepreneur, technology and marketing specialist, and retired holistic nutritionist, who built and managed a multi-disciplinary holistic health clinic that served over 15,000 individuals and families and generated in excess of $12 million in revenue through 17-years of business. As a practicing holistic nutritionist, Daniel had helped over 2,000 individual clients achieve their health and wellness goals.

So what exactly is The Perfect Intake™?

The Perfect Intake™ is an online training where you will learn how to optimize your efforts during your client intake process and clearly understand what their needs are so you can deliver clarity and results to your clients with confidence, so you can book more clients.


The Perfect Intake™ begins from the moment of first contact with a potential client or patient. In this live recorded workshop you will learn how to screen prospects, have productive conversations while conducting an efficient intake that captures the most vital information in an organized manner, and enrolling them into a paid program.

Access 6-hours of step-by-step video and learn about the fundamentals of The Perfect Intake™ and how to build a highly successful health practice using a proven system that delivers quality results for your clients as well as your practice.

Most practitioners think that the perfect intake starts when their clients are seated in front of them for their first session.


But in reality, The Perfect Intake™ begins from the moment of first contact with a potential client or patient. 


Whether it’s a casual conversation at a cocktail party, a message thread on social media or getting a referral from a friend or client.


Having the right mindset, tools and framework will result in productive conversations that will instill confidence in your potential client. 


This ultimately leads to better discovery calls, seamless enrollments, and intake experiences that are both efficient and professional.


Failing to follow this from the start can lead to errors, confusion, frustration, and worst of all, a client that is not getting the service and results that they are expecting. 


The world of clinical practice has changed dramatically over the last 20 years.


Not only has technology changed (social media, cloud-based practices, automated technology, etc) but clients are way more savvy and well-read than ever before (thanks Dr Google).


In addition to high-level health advice, they also expect a smooth, sleek onboarding experience and quality service.


Most of all, they want to be heard and understood.


This means that you need to have systems in place to capture the most important information without spending countless hours.


But trying to pull all the moving parts together to deliver this can be intimidating - (trust us, we’ve been there, just like you).


There’s the technology, handouts, (the right) intake forms, and “rinse and repeat” systems and procedures.


Then there’s actually doing the intake and processing all the information you have gathered.

The Perfect Intake™

In this video series we will teach you how to screen potential clients, have productive conversations with them, enroll them in your services and conduct proper intakes that capture the most vital information in an organized way.


This comprehensive workshop will teach you the exact systems that we have developed and successfully used in our own clinics over the last 17 years. 

We will also give you all the tools you need to run these systems and show you how to implement them into your practice.


Here’s what you'll learn in The Perfect Intake™:

The First Point of Contact


Your prospect puts up their hand and asks for more information about your services.


What do you do in order to connect and build trust?

The Invitation


Now you invite your potential client to a FREE discovery call, strategy session or consultation in order to dive deeper into a conversation.


What documents do you need to send them, what technology do you use, and how do you ensure they show up? (plus - why do a FREE session in the first place?)

The Readiness Assessment™


A simple screening questionnaire that gives you insight into their health challenges, health goals, and "readiness" to do the work.


Want to know if your potential client will be a good fit for your practice? This is the tool you need to use.

Discovery Calls


How to conduct productive Discovery Calls that turn conversations into paying clients. Following our proprietary Client Enrolment Blueprint™, you will understand where your potential client is at, where they’re headed, and how you can help get them there.


Following this system results in close to 90% of potential clients saying "YES!" to your services!



Turning prospects into new paying clients – do's, don'ts, and best practices.


Learn to create SIMPLE systems to enroll your clients into your practice.

The Perfect Intake™


We will show you how to conduct an efficient and effective client/patient intake session. Ask the right questions, capture vital information, and keep yourself organized.


Develop personalized programs without spending days doing it.

Follow-up Questionnaires and Handouts


Our tool kit of done-for-you questionnaires and handouts help you to go deeper after your initial intake assessment.


Brand each document using Canva - add your logo, name, and more!

Putting It All Together Into a Simple, Step-by-Step Workflow


Be ready in no time and integrate everything into your current practice.

The Perfect Intake™ is for you if you want to...

  • Turn more casual conversations into a calendar full of discovery calls.

  • Want more discovery calls turning into paying clients.

  • Learn how to screen or "pre-approve" clients so that you only enroll clients that are 100% committed to the healing journey and that are the right fit for you.

  • Save time and capture all the vital intake information without wasting precious hours and sacrificing the quality of your work.

  • Implement a simple, organized workflow that’s easy for you and your clients to follow.

Tools, Resources, and Materials Included:

6 hours of video training
Brett and Daniel will teach you all you need to know

Client intake forms, intake summary and waiver
Detailed intake forms ensure that you capture the right information…EVERY TIME

Readiness Assessment™ pre-screening questionnaire
Use this tool to find out if your potential client is the right fit for you

4-day food and mood journal
A simple template to track your client’s food intake and associated symptoms

Protocol Planner
This simple one-page template helps you rough out protocols all in one place

Bristol Stool Chart
The gold-standard handout to assess gut health and bowel movements

4-day food and mood journal.
A simple template to track your client’s food intake and associated symptoms

6 Stages of Toxification Map
Map out what stage of toxification your client is at

Detoxification Questionnaire
​Assess how well your client is detoxifying and detect the problem areas

Adrenal-Thyroid Questionnaire

Male and Female Hormone Symptom Questionnaire

Neurotransmitter Key Symptom Questionnaire

Holistic Health Masterclass Client Enrollment Blueprint™
Turn conversations and discovery calls into paying clients

While most coaches are focused on client attraction and marketing, most have never spent a day in a clinic and have no idea how to run a practice or conduct effective (perfect) intakes. This full-spectrum training is unlike anything else found in the industry and has been developed by practitioners who have a combined 40 years of first-hand clinical experience. We have also coached hundreds of practitioners in the art and business of clinical practice.


~ Brett and Daniel


The Perfect Intake

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